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They say Gratitude is the noblest sentiment, and that is what I feel for Agnieszka after several months of coaching put my life back on
track. I found her highly qualified in her field. Her approach is action-oriented, listening enough to understand, asking open questions, helping identify problems but always moving to practical small steps. We dealt with work issues and the relationship with my boss. We used methodical excercises and homework to untangle
difficult choices between relationships. We traced cause and effect between my life’s priorities and the absence of happiness and love.
But she also has a spiritual side, using techniques that healed the daily tears from losing my parents.

Ultimately I recovered self-belief, positive thinking, and energy. This positive charge immediately brought a will to stay fit, to make my
choices and a "go get it" approach to my work. Aged 53 I changed country, made a fresh start professionally and made more money this year than ever in my life.

It is thanks to Agnieszka and I asked her to work with two family members after. She made a big difference to my life when I was without resources, and I will never forget. And all this over the phone with the voice in my ear of a person I have never met but who became a best friend of sorts. Geoff, CEO

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Posted on 11 listopada 2011

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